Words and Music By Sam Creigh

Sam Says: This song is about a homeless man I used to see, often passed out in a doorway, around Hollywood Boulevard in the early '80's. This cat used to get some kind of fucked up. I talked to him a few times when he asked for spare change. Turns out he was a living casualty of the War In Vietnam. Sadly, there were many other war vets just like him here in the States. This song is for them.

Verse 1
Hey old geezer, how ya been?
Looks like you could use a friend

Chorus 1
Why do you prowl in the night?
Have you unpardonably sinned?
What are those secrets that you hide,
As you ride your whiskey wind?

Verse 2
Vacant doorways for your bed
Rot-gut bourbon numbs your head

Chorus 2
Is that a dream behind those eyes,
Or a nightmare without end?
How do you wake each day and rise,
To ride again this whiskey wind?

Verse 3
Beggin' spare change--parasite
Sent off to war--brought home the fight

Chorus 3
Is there no hope that you can grasp--
No place of peace where you could mend?
Where can this twisted hell-path lead,
Ridin' on a whiskey wind?

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh
Percussion:  Bryce Chicoine
Guitars:  Tom Kusian
Background Vocals:  Linda Allen