Words and Music By Sam Creigh

Sam Says: This is a straightforward Country Folk song about something that most of us who live in Southern Vermont can relate to. I had originallly written it in the key of E, and I wasn't very happy with it. When I transposed it to G, the song came alive.

Verse 1
Little boy playin' in the dooryard
Feelin' that there's something there
Pullin' him out into the distance
Voices calling everywhere
Like a bomb 'bout to explode
He looks down an old country road

Verse 2
His Daddy tells him, "Son, it's such a big world
And it's lure you can't deny
Your country feet were made to wander
Your country soul was born to fly
But when that last wild oat is sowed
Come walk down this old country road"

'Cause it winds thru the hills--over notches--into valleys
It rolls past the farms and the forests near the towns
It roams with the creekbeds and slips by the meadows
And then it takes you to your home
    (2nd Chorus:  takes me to my home)

Verse 3
City streets sizzle in the hot sun
City people--hectic ways
I drift the back currents of my mem'ry
To those mellow, laid-back days
When my bare feet walked and toed
In the shade on an old country road

Verse 4
Watch my kids playin' in the dooryard
Knowin' now what my daddy knew
Country folk are bound to ramble
But when all their wan'drin's thru
No debt will match the one that's owed
To a walk down an old country road

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh
Percussion:  Bryce Chicoine
Guitars:  Tom Kusian
Background Vocals:  Linda Allen