Words and Music By Sam Creigh

Sam Says: The atrocities of September 11, 2001 affected us all in very personal ways.  After viewing the horrors, my inclination was to seek out a place where such acts do not exist.  I began writing this song on the afternoon of the 11th.  The final version presented here was recorded September 14, 2001.

Verse 1
Living in a secret world--deep inside a place of my own design
Everywhere it's safe and warm--
And everything around me is mine, all mine

And you are in my secret world and you're everything to me
We laugh and talk the hours away--life's as good as it can be
And when I look into your eyes and touch your lips to mine
You stroke my cheek and tell me--everything is fine

Verse 2
Living in a secret world--gentle breezes soothe us singing songs of love
I take your hand and then we walk--
On a stairway of clouds into the stars above

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh