Words and Music By Tom Poley and Sam Creigh

Sam Says: This song was written during a trip that my sister, Emmy, and brother-in-law, Tom Poley, and kids made to visit our family in Vermont.  Tom and I were driving around the area doing some sightseeing when we were stopped by the railroad crossing lights at Brockways Mills Gorge.  I told him the story of the Green Mountain Flyer as it passed by in front of us.  A few hours later, he had the song written--a banjo tune.  My contribution to the song was to lyrically rework the point of view to that of a Vermonter and to give the song a folky, train-like strum to help me perform it on guitar.  The version that my sister and brother-in-law play at their gigs--they have a bluegrass band called Out Of The Blue in Tucson, AZ--is a blazingly-fast version we refer to as the "Express".  My version, the one featured here on this album, is known as the "Local".

Verse 1
In Yankee country--up in Vermont state
There's a railroad line that's still around today
And tho' the times kept on changin'--and nothin' stayed the same
They said goodbye to many, but not this train.

From Bellows Falls to Chester then she turns and doubles back
In her glory days she carried grain and mail and talc
But now she hauls flatlanders the autumn leaves attract
    (2nd Chorus:  her scenic rails attract)
Green Mountain Flyer--comin' down the track
Green Mountain Flyer--comin' down the track

Verse 2
A blue collar railroad--winding thru the hills
She labored oh so proudly servicing the mills
But then the shops closed down--and her freight began to fade
She had to climb aboard a new life workin' the tourist trade

Verse 3
Well, life's full of lessons--if you look around
This train's still runnin, she could've been shut down
So don't you give yer hopes up--when it looks like it's the end
Could be your light in the tunnel's just around the bend

© 1999 Dharma Crumbs Publishing (BMI)*
All Rights Reserved.  Used By Permission.

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh
Percussion:  Bryce Chicoine
Banjo:  Tom Poley
Guitar and Dobro:  Tom Kusian
Mandolin:  Mick Leonard
Background Vocals:  Linda Allen

The Green Mountain Flyer is owned and operated by:
Green Mountain Railroad Corp.
PO Box 498, 54 Depot Street
Bellows Falls, VT 05101
(800) 707-3530   (802) 463-3069