Words and Music By Tom Binnion and Sam Creigh

Sam Says: My friend Tom Binnion and I wrote this song.  He had heard about a Mexican liqueur called Damiana that supposedly contained some ingredients that were illegal for import into the USA.  Needless to say, our curiosities were piqued. To this day, neither one of has has ever seen or tasted this beverage.

UPDATE: After several trips to Mexico, Sam has indeed found (and consumed) Guaycura de Damiana. This liqueur comes in a clear bottle, shaped like the torso of a pregnant woman. The herb Damiana is noted for its aphrodisiacal properties. Noted guitar player Sammy Hagar uses this liqueur as a signature ingredient in his famous "Waboritas."

Verse 1
Down in Mexico--in a dusty little town
There's an old cantina--where a lady makes her rounds
Sitting in the dim lights--she quickly caught my eye
I paid the man some pesos--then he brought her by

O, golden lady, Damiana, passion fire
Burn me with your kisses--fill me with desire

Verse 2
Breath like desert wind--skin so cool to touch
Taking just a little--but giving oh so much
Over and over--too many times to tell
The senorita held me captive in her spell

Verse 3
Early morning sunshine--brings a pounding in my ear
Tell me senor jailer--how did I get here?
I can hear that spirit--calling out to me
The love of Damiana will never set you free

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh
Percussion:  Bryce Chicoine
Background Vocals:  Linda Allen
Mandolin:  Mick Leonard