Words and Music By Sam Creigh

Sam Says: I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for a good old novelty tune.  From John Prine to Hoyt Axton, Ray Stevens, Commander Cody, and dirty limericks, these diverse songs always manage to draw a smile.  I'm proud to throw a song into the genre.  It is not autobiographical.  It is about a very bad man with a very bad attitude.  How bad, you might ask?  Well, they only took a couple of pieces out of Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.

Verse 1
Teachers, they all love me, I never cracked a book
After I caught the Dean of Boys bangin' the lunch room cook
All demands to fail or kick me out then fell upon deaf ears--
And I keep thinkin' 'bout how drunk I'd be
If all those A's I got were beers

And they could take me out and shoot me
But that wouldn't pay the price
So now they're going to clone me
So they can shoot me twice
I hear that now they're going to clone me
So they can shoot me twice

Verse 2
The ladies, they all love me, I lie and let 'em go
After I try 'em out at the all-night rodeo
And if one-night stands and wedding bands start catchin' up with me--
I leave 'em standin' at the altar
Why own a cow if the milk is free?

Verse 3
Bosses, they all love me, I call in sick most ev'ry day
And always cuss and give 'em crap 'bout ev'ry nickel of my pay
And when workin' hard at hardly workin' finally gets me fired--
Chalk another one up to a man born lazy
Born lazy then retired

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh
Percussion:  Bryce Chicoine
Guitar:  Mick Leonard
Harmonica:  Pete Everts