Words and Music By Sam Creigh

Sam Says: This is the album's "off the wall" song.  It was inspired by my wife, Vivian, and some of our post-intimate activities. The song really blossomed musically when Bryce and Mick laid down their contributions.

Verse 1
Basking--in the afterglow--of your love
You are--what my dreams--are made of
The way you smile and look into my eyes
The way you kiss me and make me realize
Just how your tender touch
Turns me on so much
You take my breath away

Verse 2
Asking--if you'll ever go--from my life
That would--stab my heart--like a knife
I need you like the earth needs the sun
Like a ragin' river needs someplace to run
Rollin' in your arms
A slave to all your charms
You take my breath away

Verse 3
Basking--'cause you've let me know--I'm the one
Captives--of this love--we've just begun
And each passin' day we'll make it thrive and grow
If you'll be my private harlot--I'll be your gigolo
I want to hold you tight
And delight you and excite
And take your breath away

Lead Vocal and Guitar:  Sam Creigh
Percussion:  Bryce Chicoine
Guitar:  Mick Leonard